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Monday, you’re like really pretty.


Driving home from work tonight I witnessed this GORGEOUS sunset when I was stopped at a red light. In that moment I stopped myself from having a personal pity party about how tired I am, how long this week is going to be, and I just gave thanks that I could witness such a beautiful sight.

Seeing a sunset always makes me think of my mom, because I know how much she loves the sun and being outside. I immediately texted the picture to her because I knew that she, over anyone else, would truly appreciate that moment that I captured. She texted me back to tell me how beautiful she thought it was, just like I knew she would.

And as I sit and type these words, this is where it all comes together. I was meant to see that sunset, meant to text it to my mom, and it was meant for her to text me back and call me out of my lack of blogging since February 12th. (Thanks mom!) 🙂

I will admit that keeping up with this blog has been harder than I thought. When I came up with the idea, I had so many things I wanted to write about, but now I find myself thinking that no one really cares if I write them or not, do they? But then I think,  I should want to do it for myself, regardless of if anyone reads these words but me, and my loving mom. And so I’ll press on, and try to write more often.

I’ll start this Monday off  with a few things that I’m EXCITED about this week! Recently, I’ve found that if I focus on all of the good things I have to look forward to, time seems to go by faster, leaving less time for negative thoughts and more time for positive ones.

1. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!! I’ll be the big 2-9 on Wednesday and I plan to make my last year in my twenties the BEST year of my twenties.

2. My mom and dad will be here in Orlando this weekend! How blessed am I that my parents fly down all the time to see me even though I’m 14 hours away?

3. While my mom is here for her work conference all next week, I get to stay with her here!

I’ll end this post with another gorgeous sunset picture that I took in my neighborhood a few months ago. One of my favorite things about Florida has got to be the sunsets. Doesn’t get much better than this. <3