What is Wardlando?



– the result of having the last name Ward and living in the city of Orlando.

–  the title of a blog with a purpose of exploring all of the best things about living in Orlando.

–  proof that Orlando has more to offer than just theme parks and tourist attractions.IMG_0340[1]

That’s me!

Wardlando started as an instagram hashtag that I came up with by combining my last name Ward with the word Orlando. Clever, right? Seeing as there is a hashtag for everything these days, I decided Wardlando needed to become something more. When I first moved to Orlando a year ago, I really knew nothing about the city other than it’s where Disney World is and the happiest place on Earth. Fast forward a year and I’ve been to a ton of amazing places in Orlando and none of them involve a theme park!

Wardlando to me is my way to explore and uncover all of the great things happening in and around Orlando. The local food scene, music, art, events, outdoor activities, and everything else in between.